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My husband has taken a beta blocked for six months would it hurt to take an aceinhibitor til find dr

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kaismama 3 Dec 2012

Yes it would. A beta blocker has other effects that an ace inhibitor doesn't have, like slowing pulse. If its stopped he may get a rapid pulse. People should not mess with meds without a doc telling them to. He needs to find a dr fast.

kaismama 3 Dec 2012

Its really not hard to find a doctor for the immediate problem. Here all we have to do is drive down a street and we'll find an urgent care center.

rolomidi 3 Dec 2012

Thanks for answering my question and sometimes u have no choice if u cant afford to pay a Dr r not messing with meds I guess some people wouldn't understand is not that easy to just drive toa Dr for some of us was asking for help not insults

kaismama 3 Dec 2012

I was not insulting you, I was telling you the way it is. not once did you say you didn't have money. I didn't have insurance for 5 yrs and I never went without my meds. You find other ways. I am on a beta blocker and I paid 18 a month for it at walgreen's. You can apply for patient assistance. You can try for medicaid. If you live anywhere near a teaching hospital, they have clinics that charge a sliding scale, which means some people pay nothing. Here are some places to seek help with meds. The CoPay Relief Program 1-866-512-3861 or; or Suddenly Senior; or Needy Meds; and Partnership for Prescription Assistance 1-888-477-2669 or
If all else fails you go to the er, they have to see you money or not. free discount card

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