... ago. When he first started taking it he'd take it for a couple of days and then skip one day and drink on the day he skipped with no reaction. Since he couldn't consistently take it himself I now personally hand him the pill every morning and I watch him put it in his mouth and I hand him the water and watch him swallow the pill. I leave really early for work so I wake him up every morning before I leave to go to work and he's half asleep when he takes the pill so I know he's not getting up to throw it back up, I don't think he'd do that anyway. However twice this week I have very strongly smelled alcohol on him and his behavior is consistent with being slightly buzzed. He adamantly denies drinking. But I know alcohol when I smell it. I'm puzzled, I can't figure it out, I'm 100% convinced he's drinking a small amount but how when he's been taking the Antabuse consistently, everyday, for a couple of months... I also for sure know that the pill I'm handing him is the Antabuse because I fill the script every month. Am I losing my mind or is he somehow taking the pill around 5:30 in the morning and drinking a small amount in the evening!!! From the first several months he was on it I do know that he could drink heavily 24 hours after the last pill and have no reaction so is it possible that he's just not sensitive to the Antabuse?? Oh he takes the 250 mg tablet