Hi, I would just like to share my story about my life with my husband . Many years ago maybe 7 or so my husband came to my dr visit with me , he was a neurologist for my epilepsy ..Somehow my husband got talking about his back pain and my doc referred him. I guess it all started from there.
He has been on many different kinds of pain pills from percocet to oxycontin .
I feel my marriage went down the drain many years ago after one of his employees told my sister that he was very happy and loving to a girl at his office ( we owned a company at that time ) she said she wanted me to know because she felt it was wrong and she would want someone to tell her if in that position .
Well later i found out he brought this girl with him to las vegas with two other male employees for a trade show , he never mentioned bringing a girl .
When he got home i said I was leaving him and he had a break down saying it was all about the pills ..he was getting pills from this girl so he felt obligated to bring her etc.
Since then it's been hard ..He has always been very loving to me ..kisses and hugs me , makes dinner almost every night , brings home flowers all the time, always trys to get intimate but i always come up with excuses. He is a good daddy to our now 9 year old daughter . But ever since I found out about that girl I have never felt the same .He swears nothing sexual ever happened between them but I find that hard to believe .
Anyway since then he did switch from his oxycontin to methadone but his whole pill life is hidden from me , he never tells me when he has a doc appointment etc and he never has his pills out they are always hidden . I just recently found out from a receipt he is also taking oxycodone with his methadone .
I brought it up the other day and he said he keeps it all hidden because i make him feel like shit about it and himself . I can't help it .
He is very different now from when we first met . He always seems hyper and never sits ..just paces back and forth from place to place usually on the porch because he smokes nonstop .
He always makes me feel stressed because he never stays still . My brother in law also has a pill problem from back pain so they share pills back and forth when someone runs out . I found this out through his text messages .
Help i just don't know what to do .