Hi all, Im 28 yr old mother of 3 young boys. My husband and i are seperated, he is a drug addict who has been addicted to weed (still is), cocaine, gambling, alcohol, and oxy (maybe still is) he has been addicted to drugs for 10 yrs. He was snorting oxy for the last 2+ yrs. Recently he went to detox lasted 3 days. and Now he quit all by himself, no help nothing. He said he doesnt need it. He is and has been emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive. He thinks because he has quit that im supposed to forgive him and forget all and give him another chance. (this would be the 100th chance) He is not getting help, he is not going to counseling, he seems to go in manic states (maybe he is bipolar) He is paranoid, and god so much more. were on sticks and stones when he comes to see the kids.

Why should i forgve and forget, when he isnt doing anything to prove to me he is getting better. He hasnt done anything but quit (which i dont believe cause he has dark circles under his eyes and snorts still (like his nose is running).

What am i to do, i feel like im getting no where, all i do is panic. im damned if i do damned if i dont.

I dont trust him, im not in love with him. i dont feel he has changed to me he seems the same. Im tired of being blamed and sick of living my life like this. Where do i begin and if someone can please help me or give me advise i would appreciate it. it means alot. Im so lost.

Im sick of this. hes whinning andmooping around like he is the victim, when he hasnt been around for years of our relationship. Im not his babysitter or mother, im his wife, i need to focus on my kids and they dont deserve this no one does.

thank you in advance i could go on and on.