Hi guys. Im looking for answers please on what to do.Everytime I bend down, to lift pkgs at work, my left groin/above the testictles start hurting. I hurt it at work a couple of months ago. I went to the work clinic they said its a groin. I did excercises they gave me, iced it. Then go cleared to go back to work. It was always there off and on. But then in July I picked up extra hours and Hurt my groin bad again the pain came back worse. Work Clinic said they dont know what it is. They sent me to Back specialist. I got an MRI, Xray, also had three ultrasounds. My doctor told me that He thinks I need to stay off of lifting for 6weeks and let it heal. He thinks its a muscle or ligament in the Inguinal area. But , it still feels the same even on Light Duty at work. Like its not healing. the more I stay off of it, it doesnt hurt. but when I start moving around, it flares up again. I want to go see a Urologist, because I think its a hernia I had a co-worker who had the same thing. I dont know just really Frustrated What should I do Guys please help me.