My friend kneed my shin over three years ago. (It was an accident, by the way). It's never stopped hurting to this day. Usually it's fine. It mostly acts up when I am kneeling on a bench, if there is some sort of pressure on it, etc. Lately though, the simplest touch can cause a burning pain. A bruise has formed there again, though, I didn't hit it at all.

I've considered the common things, contusion, a sort of build up, etc.. but it's getting to the point that when my boyfriend's foot hits it I almost have tears in my eyes. And this is coming from the girl who broke her wrist horribly and said my pain was a 2-3, I've got a good pain tolerance.

Should I visit a doctor or should I try something for the pain? If you're wondering why I haven't been to the doctor, it's because I am still on my parents health plan and convincing them is hard.