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Will I get hurt if I take only one diet pill at 14?

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kaismama 13 May 2014

Never take a medication not prescribed for you. There could be a reason it would harm you. One diet pill isn't going to help you loose weight.

Why take the risk? One diet pill is not going to cause any significant weight loss. There is no single pill capable of shedding pounds to the degree that anyone would notice. My point is, if you even think you might get hurt, why risk it?

Stephen Treloar 14 May 2014

Well, you won't get hurt but you will not lose weight at all either. You should not take others prescription medication ever.
I would urge you not to because, it seems, you are proposing to use a stimulant drug recreationally. A very slippery slope to be on at 14 as you may develop an attitude that this is 'safe' behaviour when it is anything but. free discount card

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