Chiropractor (who made it worse) cortisone injections in my spine. Last MRI showed 3 bulging discs, one impinging on the nerve in my spine and revealed that at the age of 46 I have scoliosis. My primary care doctor is handling my pain meds which include oxycodone, 5mg every 6 hrs for break thru pain and she just started me on OxyContin 10 mg every 12 hrs with the intention of bringing that up to 20 mg after four weeks. I also take 900 mg of gabapentin 3 times a day. The pain is terrible and aggravated cause I have a 1 year old child that I'm not even supposed to be picking up by come on let's get real? If I don't do it who will?

I just started at a pain management clinic. In fact I'm leaving to go get cortisone shots, even though I've told them they don't work in about an hour. They feel it wasn't done correctly before. I'm just disgusted as I feel like I have to start all over from the beginning. I've been lurking on this site and finally decided to join. Hopefully it will help me get thru the days, weeks and months ahead.