Long time Post nasal drip formally coralled by Entex La till that went away and knockoff replacements not effective. 2 yrs, now, constant ent. visits, 2 sinus ops. extra high mucus buildup and the post nasal drip. Drs. originally failed to diagnose sinus infection as fungal for 2+ months, by that time antibiotics ineffective (bacterial). Prednisone was calming it down while taking it only. All the coughing and choking on mucus pulled on shoulder blades and lower back muscles to point had to have lumbar block shots. Leg muscles tight like cramping all the time, not walking briskly anymore. (probably side effects) Have been searching for best med. to help out. All that coughing (a lot keeps me awake at night) has presented itself as a false positive for pneumonia, hard to breath at times, gets close to out of breath) takes about ten minutes of sitting still and deep breaths gets it back. (Symbacort and Xopenex hfa) I guess seems to work not sure though. Pulminary doc. finds no lung problems, apparantly no COPD. I keep telling Docs. that if they can control Mucus and Post nasal drip, I will stop choking and coughing and quit damaging or pulling muscles, and be able to exersize againg to rebuild strength. I guess they don't know or understand about all drugs available (if any) as they cannot come up with answers for me. What I need , if the Meth. heads haven't completely screwed up people like me that need this medication to breath right, is a prescription for higher amts. of antihistamine and psudoephedrine to fight both. It can be in 12 hr. or 24 dosages preferred.