I have been on Remicade for just over a year to treat an undiagnosed disease related to my colon, Probably Crohns Disease vs. Behcet's Disease. In any event, I've had 2 colon resections in the past year. With the start of Remicade and totally changing my diet to a Paleo/ Primal lifestyle, I have come off of Prednisone (none since last July 2012, and Imuran, none since Feb. 2013).No flares of any kind. I am wanting to stop the Remicade, but my GI doc says that if I have flares after stopping the Remicade, I can't start it back due to the body building up antibodies against it, ie, it won't work for me anymore. He says I will have to go to a lesser drug. Is Humira less potent? What about Embrel?