I was diganosed with Crohn's Disease in January 2010 and was put on a regiment and have taken Humaria for 2 years. I have become very intolorant of it and each time I take a shot, it affects me terribly. It usually affects my muscular system to the point where I have a hard time walking because my legs are so weak and painful.

I have been off of the Humaria for a couple of months and 3 weeks ago, I had a Prometheus blood test to check my genetics to see if I can tolorate a medication called 6MP with is a cancer drug that treats Leukemia patients, our nephew is on it because he has Leukemia.

Has anyone been treated with 6MP for their Crohn's? and if so, how is it working and have you had to deal with any of the side affects? Is the 6MP stronger than the Humaria?

Any information, advise or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Jennifer McCormick