... to the m.d. in the morning, but i have done much internet research and now realize that i do indeed have hpv/warts externally and there are alot of them. i have had intercourse, protected, since the appearance of the warts and intercourse does tend to make me bleed. i have never had this issue with warts before and i am totally freaked out to say the least. i have been under a great deal of stress in the last 8 weeks, and wonder if that could have caused an outbreak of the virus if it had been dormant in my system? (this is just me wondering) also, as i have had unprotected sex within the time frame before and after the appearance of the warts with one man, and i know that it is quite possible the warts have come from him. i read somewhere before that intercourse with the same person will not cause a re-erruption, is that right? also, as i said, the external vaginal warts are numerous and begin at my clit and down to my vaginal opening and i am only assuming the existence of internal warts due to the bleeding with intercourse. when i do go to the physician tomorrow, what is likely to happen? would it be most likely to receive a prescription for podofilox, or will the physician be prepared to do a colposcopy at the visit? unfortunately i also am employed by the company where i will be seeing a physician and this alone terrifies me as i am ashamed that i've allowed my hormones to cause me to end up with an std. help?