My BS runs approx. 100-120 when I am in control. I used to be able to eat carbs (pasta, cereal, potatoes, etc) if I took approx. 6-10 units of Humalog beforehand. Now my BS goes crazy high if I eat even a tiny 1/4 cup serving of a carb - and I am taking up to 22 units of Humalog and it's not helping. I test 2-3 hrs. after I eat and my sugar is well over 200 or 250... seems like I am constantly taking Humalog to try to bring it down and it stays in the 10-200 range. It's really upsetting me. I am a large person but I have always been and I'm only recently having these issues. I also take Lantus in the morning and at bedtime - I have tried increasing that too to see if it would help but it has not. I am type 2 diabetic for about 6 years now.