Hi all,
I'm BP, and just started to introduce seroquel to replace lexapro. The first one I took just before bed and only had the typical drowsiness the next day. However, I could barely sleep the next night or the night after. Not what I had expected at all.
I took a slightly reduced dosage of Lexie's on my non seroquel days (2 between) and then on the fourth day I took my second seroquel, during the day.
I will say I drank 2 bottles of white wine afterwards. 2 is not overly excessive for my body. Drunk yes, but not paralytic by any means.
That night I had horrible dreams; like I was trapped in the movie Inception, and awoke to the worst panic attack I have had in years. I took some Valium, listened to a soothing meditation audio file and fell asleep.
When I woke up again (a few hours, early afternoon) I felt normal again, thank god.
That was Monday morning, today is Wednesday, but I admit I am too scared to take another seroquel. Those who have experienced the utterly horrific chaos in your mind during an attack will understand why!
What I would like advice with is whether I have tried to introduce the seroquel correctly or not? Should I cut my seroquel pill in half? Quarter?! Continue taking my lexapro during seroquel days? I know I was supposed to take them before going to bed... But still.
Or should I just give up the idea that the seroquel is a suitable replacement and never take another? I know this would certainly be the easiest route, but I thought the seroquel would be sort of a '2 in 1' replacement for lexapro and Valium.
It's so difficult to simply put it down to lack of sleep, alcohol and taking it during the day when the side effect is so nearly unbearable.
I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you.