A little back brief, I was recently diagnosed with HPV when I had an abnormal Pap smear a couple months ago. I ended up getting a biopsy and they ruled out cancer but just told me that I will need Pap smears yearly now. They also told me that my HPV would most likely clear up on its own as long as I wasn't exposed to it again. I got HPV vaccinations in 2014, when I was 23. This means that I was already exposed to HPV BEFORE I got the vaccination.

My question is, is it really true that the strands of HPV I have will clear up on their own if I stay safe? & if it does clear up, does this mean I should get another HPV vaccination so that it can then protect me from those strands that I already had before I got the first round of shots?

Another question I have is can this be contracted through oral sex? I plan on using condoms in the future but am just wondering if me or my partner could contract this from doing oral?

Thank you for any advice.. I know I had more questions on the subject but am drawing a blank now.