And let you know how things are going along and I have a request. After, I wrote into the site, and was blown away, by so many of my friends, coming to my rescue, lol. It was a lot more than that, and you know I mean it. Your love, concern, support, readiness to help, plain out being a loving family to me, helped me so much, I wish it were humanly possible to give something back to you. I guess to give back what I received, will have to do. My spirits are greatly uplifted more. Things are not where they need to be still. Our insurance hasn't been approved, yet, but we'll find out anytime. My husband is working, and making enough to pay rent and utilities now. It didn't take him long to start making some money. He's received several inquiries about his résumé, for his regular General Managers position. We're not accepting the one to California, but more than likely, will be moving. And we thought we were going to buy this home next year. Oh well, there's other homes. The Kindergarten school here, is so nice to. My little boy loves it. But, with your help, and by the Grace of God, I was able to get my mental well being back in control. I can actually tell what's happening around me. Lol. I have to tell you this, then I'll get to a more important matter. Day before yesterday, I had an appointment with my Pain Management Dr. I have been seeing him for almost three yrs, and this was the first Epidural from him. I had many others done, but its been a while. I was a scaredy cat. Well, a couple others in the past, didn't exactly tickle. You're prayers worked, not that I thought they wouldn't. He not only gave me the Epidural I had tried to cancel, with no money, but before going into the Procedure room, he told me, he was just going to give me some Facet injections across my lower back, because he could tell, I was hurting bad. Everything went great, he made a few jokes to deter my attention away when he was giving me them, and I don't know how long it will last, but it helped soo much. I truly am blessed by having an awesome Pain Dr. That cares. We were five miles from home, and my husband turned into Walgreens parking lot, to go thru McDonald's for our boy, who didn't deserve it, because he was throwing a fit, and my husband hits a car. No real damage at all to either vehicle, and my husband got no ticket. The boy got no McDonalds either. Wow, how everything turned out.
Now, I have a small request. We all have an amazing, and wonderful friend in common. One of our members Pamee. I heard from her this morning... checking in on me, while she is going through the worst times in her life. Her pain is to the point of unbearable, and she really doesn't know what she's going to do. She's in a tremendous amount of pain, and really is going through a rough time, and forced herself to email me, and wish blessings to me. What kind of a word can I come up with, for such a friend. So I just wanted to mention her, and what all this friend is dealing with, and if you feel like dropping her a line of encouragement, I'm sure it will be appreciated and help. She didn't ask me to do this. I know where's she's at. Sometimes the only way I can get online and answer questions or anything else, when I'm hurting, is by lying on the couch, and using my IPad. So, I really don't want to make this about me. I'm still struggling, but doing it in a much better way. Pamee really needs someone to reach out to her. Thank you, friends, for your unconditional love and support to the members of this site. Thank you. And if you don't know how to get to Pamee, and want to say something to her, I will certainly let her know. Take care, Ruthie