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How would you rate a 1mg ativan to a 1 mg xanax in feeling?

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la1975k 23 Jun 2011

If you're actually taking it for anxiety (and not looking for which will make you higher) I've found Ativan to be milder, I took it for a few years and didn't feel it was helping anymore, my Dr. switched me to Xanax. It does make me sleeper than Ativan did. Unless I'm super anxious I usually need a nap. I take 1mg. every night, before bed, to help me sleep. Then I only take 1/2 when needed the rest of the day. Most often I only take a few a week, but 2 weeks ago I was taking a few halves a day for about a week-I was in Maine for my sister's wedding... with my mom being more nuts than usual, getting all the favors made and everything else ready, and then being maid of honor (and hating attention, pictures and speech.
People often tell me Xanax is so horrible cause its so addictive. Yes it can be, but if taken properly it can be very helpful. I'm prescribed 90 pills a month, and one bottle lasts me almost 2 months. If you have a tendency to be addicted to any other pills, alcohol or anything you need to be VERY careful taking it.
On a side note, Xanax can also help, with other meds, make nausea go away. I have a chronic pancreatitis which makes me nauseous or vomiting quite often, and have severe, chronic pain. If I take 1/2mg of Xanax with a Zofran, my nausea pill and lay down I feel MUCH better than if I just took the Zofran alone, free discount card

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