i am not an alcoholic.before the rapid detox of 188mg methadone,i used to drink about 4 to 6 beers and maybe 2-3 drinks twice a week.never liked too much to be drunk.just a little buzz.i'm just wondering if when i am in 6mg or 4mg of suboxone i could maybe drink some time.maybe once every two weeks or so.just to go out sometimes,because since the detox i'm not interested in using any opiates... i really want to change my life.and i have not had a single drink.as a matter of fact there's a six pack and wine in my house,and i dont even think about it.it's just there.would it make me feel into withdrawl to drink some alcohol when i am on 4mg or 2 mg of suboxone?.i really need to know some advice.can anyone help me?.