I have been prescribed many different anti-depressants the last couple of months and have been too scared of side effects to take them. I've taken Lexapro and Cymbalta in the past, but stopped taking them over time. My doctor prescribed Remeron in Dec., but I've just held on to the prescription without taking it. She also recently prescribed me Pristiq and Celexa, but after reading the reviews I decided I wanted to try the Remeron instead. I took 1/2 of a 15 mg dose about 10 minutes ago and am nervous about the side effects. Can anyone give me any info on how it makes them feel? Does it help with depression or just insomnia? I need help with the depression and mood swings, as even my 7 year old has been telling me I am in a bad mood all the time and stressed out.I understand it helps with insomnia, but I need to know it helps with more too. I also take xanax for anxiety and want to make sure it is ok to take together? Please help! Thanks so much!