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How will I know if I suffer from anxiety or stress?

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missy2 13 Jan 2010

i think you need to see a doctor but i got to a point that my heart raced alot i was afraid the phone would ring with terrible news about my son, like if there was an accident on the news in our area and i couldn't reach him by cell i'd send myself into a tizzy and then there were days while taking a shower i'd try and think of stuff good or bad and again send me into another tear or tizzy under someone finally recongnize anxiety and stress now i take ativan in different strenghts depending on what kind of day i'm having. missy2

Psychmajor 13 Jan 2010

anything thats a decission or change in your life causes some form of stress but not always anxiety. but i dont have time to get into all the details right now sorry!!

mitjason 13 Jan 2010

I agree with missy2. You need to have a doctor diagnose the anxiety. I would recommend seeing a Psychiatrist and see what they recommend if you do have the diagnosis of Anxiety. I would also recommend seeing a Psychologist to talk to. They can teach you ways of dealing with stress and anxiety without medications. It's recommend that you either talk to a Psychologist or take a medication. Studies say that if you do both at the same time the results aren't good (I do both and do fine) but it depends on the person of course. I know only take Xanax for anxiety and don't see a psychologist because the Xanax works great. Talk to your doctor and see what he or she thinks. Good luck to you!

Psychmajor 14 Jan 2010

thats alot of what i wanted to say (was going to my friends at the time of post... ) however i think you should try cognitive behavioral therapy (and/or talk therapy) first just so you dont have to worry about reactions to meds or side effects/withdrawals and so on. after cognitive behavioral therapy it is usualy recommended to try medication if this doesnt work since this is the most effective for anxiety and depression symptoms. this is normally a 13 week proccess though so if you cannot deal with it for that long meds are good. if you can this is much better for you throught your life. (my friend also introduced this movie called "the secret" (sequal being "beyond the secret")its basicly cognitive behavioral therapy through a theoretical point of view. I love this movie as a psychology major. i watch it as much as possible and take notes on it every time.)

pinkheart 15 Jan 2010

okay wow thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I have had anxiety since I was a child. Just recently i've felt so worried adn stress of any type of change that comes into my life... and I just cant relax. thank you again! free discount card

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