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How well does nifedipine work for Raynaud's?

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Delila 25 Jan 2011

Hi, yes it can. I took it (aka Adalat) for a few years in the past, and felt much of an improvement, much warmer and able to brave the cold. I suffer from raynauds over most of my body, not just hands and feet, i don't know about you? I only stopped taking it as i am a bit rubbish with my meds and would miss a pill or take it late, and it would cause me to have quite bad headaches. It affects your blood pressure. If you take it properly though it can be very affective in this area.

tanning girl 25 Jan 2011

I'm suppose to take 3 day but it's been 7 days now and 2 of them i didn't have an headache so i tried 2 and experienced a little bit more side effects so i back it back off to 1. Did you have headaches and fullness feeling in the head at first and then it quit? Thanks for your input on the medicine.

Delila 26 Jan 2011

Yes i did have headaches for the first 5 days i think? I was taking one tablet in the morning and one at night. I continued taking them as my doctor had warned me this could happen and i got through the headaches. I was still feeling the cold though so i was put on a long acting tablet, just one in the mornings and this was better for me.

tanning girl 26 Jan 2011

thanks for your comment. I wasn't too sure to keep moving the medicine up since i still have the fullness in my head and a slight headache. I hope it passes because i know this medicine is suppose to help. You said they put you on something different later do you mind sharing what that would be? Thanks

Delila 26 Jan 2011

Hi it was the same drug, Adalat (nifedipine) but it was LA (long acting). It would release itself slowly over 24 hours. This worked better for me.

tanning girl 26 Jan 2011

Thanks, just incase when i do get up to my 3 pills a day and it doesn't do the job i will ask her about this. Did you ever have a finger or toe to basically not want to come out of an attack for awhile and end up with nail splentors and the nerves being hurt, which causes the finger to turn blue and be very sensitve for awhile? I've had two different fingers to do this on the same hand. One year it was my middle finger and this year it done it to my pointer finger. I just had an echo done and my heart doesn't have any thing to do with my problems. I have schelderma which they found out that is why i have Raynaud's. At first i was diagnosed with just Raynaud's but after testing they found i have a syndrome off schelderma called CREST which can effect 5 different things. free discount card

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