My son is 6yrs old and he has been diagnosed with adhd and I am wondering about fish oil for the treatment of adhd. He started kindergarten this year and he has problems following directions, keeping his hands to himself, listening, and sitting still. A couple of weeks ago he was on the bus and poked holes in the seat with an ink pen and also drew all over it. He also has to sit in a booster seat on the bus because he won't stay in his seat or listen to the bus driver!! I recently took him to the doctor and they seem very skeptical to put him on meds and I imagine it is in part because adhd meds are abused, so I was on here and saw that fish oil can be used to treat it, so I was just wondering how much to give him and if the fish oil works as well as the cns stimulants?? I have been diagnosed with adhd along with his brother and sister. I am on ritalin and my other kids were on concerta but we decided to take them off of it and they are doing good. Before they were on it, when they were younger, they were just like my 6yr old is now and the concerta really helped but the almost seem to have outgrown it, but my 6yr old is out of control and driving me nuts!!! So please any thoughts or tips on this will be greatly appreciated!!!