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How we make our muscles strong?

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Anonymous 22 Jul 2011

Exercise. :)

DzooBaby 22 Jul 2011

Jeckyrah is correct. Resistance from exercise is what strengthens muscles. You also need an adequate intake of protein to build muscle so eat things like meat (Chicken and fish, lean pork or beef), or rice and beans together make a source of complete protein, or you can buy soy and whey protein in cans to mix with water or milk to supplement your protein intake. Studies are showing that the whey is superior to the soy, so you might want to go with the whey source. Try lifting some light weights to begin with and work your way up to heavier ones. You can also get resistence with therabands which are large rubber strips than you can do various exercises with. Physical Therapist use therabands often. They do come in different amounts of resistance from light to heavier so you can work your way up. Also there are exercises you can do in a swimming pool using the water for resistance. Before you begin any exercise program, you should consult your Dr to be sure you are healthy enough to begin to exercise. Very important to do this!! free discount card

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