Hey everyone i am still on my battle with vicodin. i went away on vacation up north and it was ok. Saturday i took one and a half 750, sunday i took 1 750 but i cut them in half and now it is monday night and i just took two 750s because nothing was putting me to sleep. I have 15 750s left. i want advice on how i should wean on this. I have had withdrawals all these days except for after i just took those two 750s. I want to wean with these last ones in a way where i can still go to work and school. My thoughts are that i should cut them in half and only take a half when it is absolutely necessary. I have somebody who is helping me by regulating my in take but i am doing this for myself. I feel if i take one a day ( a half when needed and another half before bed) that the withdrawals wont be like cold turkey and i will be at a low dose. Today (monday ) i went all day without them and packed up my car and drove home from my vacation spot and ate food and everything... just a lot of irratability and reltlessness/insomnia. I am working with my psychiatrist with this and he says that i shouldnt go cold turkey at this point since it has backfired every single time.

I have my L-Tyrosine, a B vitamin complex, xanax (prescribed for anxiety) , nadolol ( prescribed for anxiety), robitussin for sleep and benedryl and also bought some tylenol PM so i can avoid having to take a vicodin at night time.

i am just looking for advice again and am hoping this is the last time i need advice so that i can start to help other people in this situation. i just have to make sure i dont make any stupid choices and use my will power. When i was withdrawaling on sunday since i had only taken a half in the morning and i was starting to go crazy i immediately got in my row boat and rowed two miles then swam two miles after to release some endorphines.

How far under am i? i know i am going to experience withdrawal but i am trying to avoid the horrifying withdrawal i have gone through so many times.

I am so embarassed to keep having to blog about this.

I am in a really sad state with having taken two full pills tonight and i am looking for an opinion. I know you guys are out there who can support me