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How to treat cracked heels,and the hyperkeratinization over knees,elbows and knuckles?

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kellyandtodd 22 Apr 2010

There is a lotion its called intensive heel repair you can buy it most pharms,and i have found that vaseline works great too,thats what my husband likes to use,you can use a foot file to get off most dry skin then apply a very thick layer and cover with socks,and you can use it on all the places that are dry,hope this helps

aleemcool 22 Apr 2010

what exactly does this INTENSIVE HEEL REPAIR LOTION contain? is it salicylic acid or something else?

kellyandtodd 26 Apr 2010

No it has alot of natural things in it ask the pharm about it to see if they carry it,good luck

kellyandtodd 26 Apr 2010

Go to this web-site and it will show you what this lotion does and what it looks like and you can print it so you can find it at the store,it works great my husband likes it and it has made a huge differnce.

kellyandtodd 26 Apr 2010

Its called intensive heel repair.

aleemcool 28 Apr 2010


Rajive Goel 23 Apr 2010

Rightly mentioned, Vaseline is the best remedy, scrape of the dead skin & apply plenty of Vaseline, best of luck. free discount card

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