on it for 8 mos. 5/500 from sometimes 6+-/day when I was first injured. In addition I recently had an unrelated surgery and have 10/500 now twice a day. Right after my surgery I took them (2-3) a.m. and p.m. I now take 2 in the p.m. I still need them in the evening, but am worried about addiction. How would I know if I was addicted to the point that I would face bad withdrawls? It is normally at least 24 hours between doses and I feel fine other than the pain. If you're taking a dose such as that once a day, can and is your body addicted? I try to delay my pills a little longer each day in an attempt to see if I feel anything adverse, which I don't. And I never felt anything adverse bringing the amount of pills down as the pain got better.
Thanks so much, I appreciate the input.