I have been using injectable buprenex for over 10 years for my back and neck pain. Head on car accident broke T12 and damage C-5 &6. I have been able to get down to about 2 vials @ .3mg per vial taking a 1/2 vial 4 times a day, for over 20 days. However today have used only 1 vial. (1/2 AM & 1/2 in PM) Due to lack of RX I have about 1 vial left and really want to stop.
I do experience withdrawals when I get past 7 to 10 hours. Since I have not been off this medicine for 10 years I have many reservations about doing this not just because of the dependancy but having to experience my back and neck pain. I relocated to S. Florida from AZ and like most am unemployed and uninsured. My Dr. in Az has been able to refill my Rx up till now. I am unable to get to Az until mid month. The attitude of this drug here in South Fl. is understandable,due to the misuse, but unreal for me. I have been taking this medicine as directed for pain, as I have a problem taking other opiates. My body does not tolerate the other opiates at all and I have a tendancy to over take them. That is why I take the buprenex. Am I unwise to stop on my own? Any advice as to what else I could do until I return to Az and my DR? Will appreciate any help. Thanks