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How to safely withdraw from 10 mg ambien every night for 2 years?

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dobbiemom 13 May 2011

I am in the middle of doing this with a 25mg dose (dr prescribed it!!) First, get your doctor's help. Tell him you want off. Next, the doctor will most likely prescribe you a longer acting benzo drug (such as xanax xr or valium). He will most likely cut the dose of ambien and replace it with the benzo untill you are totally on the benzo. Then you will be tapered off of this. The reason for all of this is that withdrawl from Ambien is the same as for most benzos (seizures ect). It is NOT good to do cold turkey. If you do not want to do all of this and you have the regular ambien ( not the XR) cut the dose SLOWLY every 2 weeks or so. It may take a few months but trust me you want to do this slowly!! Good luck to you free discount card

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