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How to reduce the after effects of Percocet?

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Ak_Megan 15 Jan 2012

If your asking how to deal with withdrawal symptoms, there honestly is no easy way. From personal experience I took 5 days and just laid in bed sick as a dog, after day 5 or 6, it gets so much better. You have to start dealing with the mental addiction then. I got addicted to opiates because of the depression of my mom's death. So now whenever I have a craving or depressing thoughts I turn up my music as loud as I can and start doing something productive, like cleaning. Some people use suboxone to get through the withdrawals, but I don't believe using another drug to get off drugs is a good idea. That's just my opinion though, I'm not a doctor I'm just speaking from personal experience. I will give this same advice to anyone trying to get off any kind of opiate. Cold turkey is the best way. I am 1 month and 4 days clean now, from doing it that way. I really hope this helped and answered your question. Good Luck!

Inactive 15 Jan 2012

Hi Aris,
Like Ak_Megan, I am wondering if you are asking about withdrawal?
If so, please google The Thomas Recipe, it's a list (and a journal) of otc and rx meds that make withdrawal a bit easier.
Are you having the following symptoms; vomitting, nausea, diarrhea, perspiring heavily, anxiety, or depression, goose flesh, and hot and cold flashes? Those are just some of the symptoms of withdrawal. Also, achiness throughout you entire body.

To quell aches and pains, try hot baths with epsom salt. If you have tummy issues, use Immodium AD. Keep drinking fluids, this is very important especially if you are perspiring madly, you need to stave off dehydration. Water is good and Gatorade actually replenishes some salt.
If you are horribly anxious see a doc about a short term prescription for Ativan, or another benzodiazapine, if taken for a short time they are not as addictive. If you find yourself horribly depressed, definetely see a doc, as depression is nothing to muck about with!

Best wishes,
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