I've been on tramadol for years, during that time my dose varied from 6 tabs of 50 mg to 26. I am also suffering from severe drug resistant depression since I was 18, so I am on Wellbutrin 450 and Lamictal 300 mg daily with partial response only. Last week while on vacation I had a classic generalized seizure episode with tongue biting, foaming at the mouth, whole 9 yards. I understand that everyone will be saying : 6 ultrams + 450 of wellbutrin, what else did you expect? However, earlier that day I took 2 tabs of Donnatal ( it has Phenobarbital in it ) and like I said earlier I am taking Lamictal. So now I am very confused how my seizure was possible at all, since these 2 drugs were suppose to protect me. My main question though is about quitting tramadol. I've gone cold turkey couple of times and yes, withdrawal symptoms are horrible,but that's not what frightens me the most. What to do with the long and very strong depression which follows after ? This severe down feeling I could not take, and eventually always returned back on Tramadol. Any suggestions ?