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How to quit roxycottin?

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pillman5 29 Nov 2010

there is a pill called saboxin its supposed to help people that are highly addicted to oxycontin it will help you get off of them, but very slowly. But it works.

Inactive 29 Nov 2010

'Tis spelled Suboxone, pronounced sub-ox-own.

Inactive 29 Nov 2010

There are at least 2 things that can cause an overdependence/addiction to opiates, there is an inherittable addictive gene, and emotional issues. The emotional part has to be dealt with or relapse will occur. There are several methods to quit the opiate, tapering down, cold turkey with or without the Thomas recipe( google the thomas recipe opiate withdrawal) methadone as an opiate replacement and suboxone or subutex as an opiate replacement. If you are interested in the suboxone or subutex route, go to and find the doctor locator service to find a doctor legally able to write a prescription for it and also to to and look for a guy named Maply2609, he explains why suboxone really well, he is a subs patient. When you to to and see the doctor locator, please write and call all the doctors as there are fees involved and they vary from doctor to doctor. You will have to be in withdrawal for 24 hours before being inducted onto suboxone, but within 20 to 45 minutes, you will be withdrawal free.

Inactive 29 Nov 2010

Hi tricky,
Patti is our resident expert on Suboxone, and she has successfully tapered off of it. Cold turkey is unpleasant, to say the least. That is the way I went off prescribed Oxy.
If you add more info to your question, as in; were you ingesting, snorting or shooting up, how much were you taking, etc, we can better answer you.
'Tis not an easy thing to do, yet it can be done, and I promise you'll be very pleased with the results.
Best wishes and welcome to this site,
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