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How to improve the Haemoglobin level in blood?

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kytteneyes 24 May 2010

Hemoglobin deficiency results in anemia and can be caused due to various reasons. The treatment of anemia depends on the cause of the disease. In case of iron deficiency anemia, the treatment includes taking iron supplements and food rich in iron. It is believed that iron in food from animal sources are more beneficial in increasing hemoglobin levels than that from plant sources. Shell fish, chicken, liver, beef, red meat, turkey, fish, pork, etc are good sources of iron. Eggs, dark vegetables, green leaves, dried fruits, nuts and beans are also rich in iron.

While taking iron supplements and iron rich food, some food items, which affect the body's ability to absorb iron need to be avoided. These iron-blockers include tea, coffee, foods rich in fiber, foods with high levels of calcium like milk, cheese, chocolate, caffeinated drinks and some medicines with phosphates and antacids. It will be more beneficial if you take vitamin C supplements or foods rich in vitamin C along with the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin C helps in the increased absorption of iron in the body and thereby increases hemoglobin levels. Iron supplements should be taken as per the prescription of your doctor. Some of the iron tablets can cause constipation and stomach upsets. It should not be taken in large quantities, as it can cause an iron overload, which can be toxic for the body. In case of severe anemia, blood transfusions are also suggested for a quick replacement of iron and hemoglobin.

If the reduction in hemoglobin count is due to iron deficiency, then sticking to a diet rich in iron can substantially increase hemoglobin levels. Iron blockers should be avoided and iron supplements and vitamin C should be taken for better results. The above recommendations will not only solve the problem of how to increase hemoglobin levels, but will also help you lead a healthy life.

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