This has been going on for 8 years we tried to do a threesome 8 years ago I agreed me ny husband and a close guy friend. I thought it was just a phase I agreeded, something different after all we have been married 26 yrs but this has nevfer stopped for him..It is worse then ever.

i am so unhappy, I can not even go out with him anymore. Now he brings it home sometimes and begs me to have sex with him and this guy or even any guy. He has been a great husband works hard makes good money we have a nice home and a 11 yr old son... But this has got to stop now, I am now going to see a psyc doc in one week for some help/ideas. He is in trouble and so am I and the family. If this continues I have no choice but to leaves and that would kill him and our family... Help... Suggestions