Hi. Im no from the USA but i have a 2 yrs and 6 months relationship, more of the time has been a long distance relationship, bc i had to comeback home to take care of my dad with my family,who passed away 2 months ago. My boyfriend while a few months when i return had a injure on his knee where he was prescribe pain killers, which he never told me about, I only knew about the knee problem, after that when his prescription run off one "good" friend gave him a perc, and one after another and we might all know how it end up, during our relationship i returned to the US to study and stay with him as we first planned and keep going with our relationship till next step, we where even thinking to get married, suddenly he start to back off and act weird, and when i returned i realize he have no more savings, he even asked me money borrowed and was acting very very weird, so i start to see his reactions, untill i spoke with his dad and we did a family intervention, where he promised to stop bc it was hurting him, hurting us and he didnt want to be living like that, so depressed and struggling, thats when my dad got sick and i had to set priorities
and he sign up with a Dr. who even prescribe him suboxone, the bottom line was when his best friend died... he was "ok" as he said, because i was still on my country, after my dad passed the only prsn i wanted to be was him, so i took a plane and went to him for 2 weeks, when i realize he was not ok, but it was very hard for me to touch the subject bc i was to sensitive, and he was evasive to that subject in specific (a sign that something was WRONG), 2 weeks ago he broke up with me, saying he couldnt lie to me anymore and that with everything had happen, my dad passing away, and other circumstances he went back, i know it was long prior everything, he didnt want not even mention it, bc once again he was failing me and i was having a lot to deal with my dad. Now he insist this is the best for me that he loves me to much to drag me down and that he cant hurt me anymore, as he have done, lying me, never coming to meet my family and just to not be strong enough to be clean, and he says he prefer to not involve me in anything bc its not fair after all the suffering i have passed this yr, he is a loser in my life and a scumbag... I treat him as coward and i was very upset and hurt bc even if i understand what he says and even if i know i deserve better, i know he deserve it as well, and who i would be if i abandon the prson i love the most in the moment he needs me the most.. I havent got the chance to speak with his dad or nor even him again bc of the winter storm, and i just wondering for an advice, his last words or hour speaking with me repeat over and over again that im the person he love the most and he cant keep doing this to me, he rather me with a good men than living a hell for a life time with him... i BEG FOR HELP, I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WOULD DO EVERYTHING 4 HIM. How can i support him make him understand he deserve the best life as i do? how i can help him to give the step he is crying out loud to give, with out enabling his addiction? thanks!