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How to get rid of backbone pain radiating to both buttocks and legs ?

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505eva 5 Jun 2010

I wish I had an answer because I have the same problem. I have just been taking 3 or 4 ibuprofen...

meggieprice 5 Jun 2010

This sounds like nerve pain from sciatica. A stronger NSAI drug then ibuprofen, prescribed, might help, thought they are rough on the stomach. Besides medication there are some good yoga stretches specifically aimed at helping sciatica. I also can;t say enough about the joy of water aerobics- in the water , for me, there is no pain, one of the only times in life that is true for me. They also have exercises aimed at helping with sciatica.

Pain medication is of little help to my nerve pain (I need it for all my other pain ; - ) ) Mine becomes spasm a couple of times a day and I find that soma is one of the only meds that helps- and it gives me a bit of a hangover- no med is perfect!

Good luck to you both , I know all too well how painful this is.

GlitterGirl77 6 Jun 2010

I have the same problem , I have ruptured disks that are pressing on my nerve . The dr gave me percoccet for the last year and a half and now I am having trouble getting off of them . Please try something other then narcotic pain meds they are really hard to come off . If you can try streching and walking as much as possible & long hot showers help some to .

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