Hi I am new here and had some questions. Long story short I have been on vicodin for about a year and a half(prescribed I have lots of problems and lots of pain) Well they put me on ultram 3 weeks ago. Found out I was pregnant (almost 5 weeks). So my OBGYN said to stop ultram which I did(had serious withdraws) he told me to have them put me back on the vicodin and if I want to taper. Which I do I am about to have my fourth kid and I want off this CRAP!!! So called my pain clinic and they don't want to help said I can't withdraw from ultrum(YES U CAN). So I guess what happened was the ultram stopped the withdraw from the vicodin the past 3 weeks. I was wondering iff anyone had any advice on how to taper by myself. I have already started I took one this morning and a half one around noon. I am in a lot of pain but I DON'T want a baby addicted. i want to be able to handle my pain somehow without medicine. Any advice or suggestions would be great. What really sucks is docs always say to tell them and they will help well apparently the only one that care is my obgyn, my Oncologist said he can't help and so did others!!!