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How to get help with vicodin and other opiate addictions? what can help with the withdrawals?

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marjorie zych 9 Jun 2010

If you really want to come off the opiates than I would suggest using Clonidine and Librium until the Opiates are out of your system. The Clonidine will help with the physical withdrawel symptoms and the Librium will help with the psychiatric and physical withdrawel symptoms, only use as little as possible but be comfortable with the Librium but getting rid of that is so much easier than the Opiates because you shouldn't have to use it long depending on how long on the Opiates. Hope this helps you and good luck with your journey to a better healthier life, marjorie zych

chance4reallife 9 Jun 2010

PAWS can last weeks.  A few tips here...   get the following supplements ASAP: L-TYROSINE, L-THEANINE, 5HTP, METHIONINE, L-GLUTAMINE add Vitamin b6 to help your system metabolize these.  These are amino acids that will promote neuro-healing.  The faster your brain heals, the faster your PAWS dissapears.  get you doc to Rx you clonidine at bedtime.  We also use Baclofen 10-20 BID during the day.  The drug is amazing in helping with everything associated with PAWS
Paws is post acute withdrawl syndrom it can last week months even years!

subzero58 9 Jun 2010

hi ndm,the above answers are great ways to help get off of opiates.first let ask if you have a doctor that will prescrib what you need to overcome your addiction.can you give us a little more info on how long and how much are you using.i'll check on the top of the hour all day today,it's wednesday 6-9-2010 9:00am.

christineATU 9 Jun 2010

I agree with subzero58. Do you even have a doc to prescribe the meds and can you afford them? Even some OTC meds are pricey. At the very least, get ImodiumAD and advil. Depending on how long you've using the opiates and how much, determines the best ways to get off them with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Good luck to you. Try to give a little more info as subzero suggests.

barbles2413 9 Jun 2010

Your doctor is the best person to help you don't do it alone or through the advice of a non medical person it is not worth the pains of withdraw and going through it alone free discount card

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