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How to get disability if I have serious PTSD, depression and OCD ?

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mitjason 13 Jan 2010 is a great website in which you can file a claim for disability. It's hard to get disability is what I've heard. You need a doctors diagnosis, consent, and pretty much the doctor has to find you incapable of being able to work. As long as you have your doctors support and a severe PTSD, Depression, and OCD they may give you benefits. However I would suggest not going for disability. The best way to overcome all of the problems you have is to get out and work. It's healthy for you and can basically change the severity of the problems you have. I also have all of those disorders and I found that getting out and working is the best medicine because you won't be helping yourself sitting at home collection money, Part of the therapy is getting out when it comes to depression and PTSD. I know this first had.

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teal 14 Jan 2010

I totally agree with mitjason,everything said. It is so so hard,basically you need an attorney and they will look at your case and if they think they can win,they dont charge you unless you do win,and they just take it out of your first check. My friend got an attorney,and i even had to fill out a paper on her answering a bunch of questions,i guess she said she had to give them three ppl that knew her and her disorders,which are,ptsd,ocd,panic disorder,thyroid,bi-polar,and in the end,she lost,even though she was on all kinds of meds,wasnt functioning good,had all the proof,et cetera,so again,she tried and on the second shot she won,which also they had to pay her from the first time she ever went for it. I tried it twice on my own and lost,now i have an attorney,so we'll see. good luck to you!!

guitaryes 28 Jan 2010

My husband has bipolar disorder.He became unable to work due to a long manic episode or mental breakdown. I kept taking him to the dr. monthly and we worked with the dr. trying different medications for him nothing could actually help him 100 percent and he could no longer do gainful work.I applyed for social security disability for him he was turned down the first time.Then I decided to ask his dr. for help. I asked her to write a dr. statement describing his condition and her insight on his ability to work.The letter from his dr. actually helped and within a few months he was awarded his disability.We did not have to have an attorney the dr. statement along with medical records worked just fine.Hope this helps.

tenacefemme 1 Feb 2012

I just got back from my hearing for disability. It was awful being allready deppressed and then telling them all the things you can't do. I left feeling suicidle. Don't put yourself through it if you don't need it.

pickles503 8 Oct 2013

Hi ten. Did you get disability?

MuseMyself 17 Jun 2013

For some reason disability as well as insurance companies think MDD is more disabling then other ailments/disorders. I don't know what their thoughts are because I know that my anxiety and depression can be MORE controlled than PTSD and other disorders I have... but, go to your local SS office with a letter of recommendation from your PD&if possible your PCP. You will have to be on medications, and in treatment. They once filling out rhe necessary paperwork they will give/send you/or your PD a paper for your PD to fill out to review your case... it takes some time. If you have been out of work or can't hold a job do to your dx. It looks better on your case. But, not necessarily the decision. You physician can write even with the correct medication, the pt is still highly symptomatic. I recommend that my pt applied for SSI do to increased symptoms during employment. It has been very difficult to hold employment do to my pts MDD.

llcmal 7 Oct 2013

Disability is very hard to get. I was turned down when I applied on my own. I then retained a disability attorney & 18 months later was approved. I'm a single mother of two. When I could work, I worked 70-80 hours a week to provide what my children needed. I still only made $2,500 per month. My disability payment is $500 per month. I lost everything I had worked so hard to get.
Keep in mind, they figure your disability amount by your last 16-18 months of work. I had several surgeries & was out for several months per surgery so, I think that is why mine is so low. Bottom line, if you cant work, you will have to fight tooth & nail to get the disability amount that you deserve. They usually backdate your disability from the day you could no longer work. I definitely think you should get a lawyer but they aren't cheap. I had to pay half of my backdated disability to my attorney. Document everything! Your appointments, doctor's visits, etc.
And, good luck! free discount card

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