I am 71 of age and have been troubled with constipation since age of 50. 4 years ago I took 2 full table spoonful flax seeds (ground) daily and resolved my problem completely with no need for any additional medication.
3 months ago my persistent cough led me to take 5 mg X 2 per day of Tussionex. 5 days
later I ended up in Hospital emergengcy due to severe constipation. Ever since I have increased my flax seeds dosage and found it only made the constipation worse.
I also tried softner such as Lactulose 10 mg/15 cc X 2 per day for 2 wks and found it provides temporary relieve only.
Now I am in Miralax medication for 4 days and experieced with good results. My question Is: How to exit my Miralax medication routine and maintain my bowl movement regular?