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How to disopse of medications (chlorzoxazone)?

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Inactive 3 Jun 2011

I suggest you take the medication to your local Pharmacy so they can dispose of it safely.-

All the best,

DzooBaby 3 Jun 2011

If your pharmacy doesnt have a disposal service it is recommended that you mix the medication with plaster of paris (preferred) or an unpalatable substance like kitty litter or coffee grounds (more economical because you already have something you can use). Put the medication in a water proof container like a coffee can or plastic milk jug, then mix a little water and the unpalatable substance (coffee grounds or kitty litter) until the meds are breaking down and mixing with the substance then throw the whole thing in the trash, container and all. If you use plaster of paris, mix the plaster per directions then add the medicine while mixture is wet then allow the medicine impregnated plaster of paris dry then throw out the conglomeration into the trash. If you frequently have a lot of meds, you can let the plaster dry in a larger waterproof container and add subsequent layers mixed with meds until the container is full then throw the whole container with the different layers of drugs away. This is how it is handled in many long term care and assited living facilities. Each month as meds are expired or opioids no longer being used (which the pharmacy WILL NOT take) are being discarded, we mix a new layer of plaster in a large water proof(plastic bag lined) box until the box is about 3/4 full then the whole box is put into the regular trash pick up-this way we have a container we can use for several months and it makes it more cost effective. The meds within the plaster begin to melt into the plaster itself so they cant be picked out by someone looking for a source of drugs.Pharmacies some times employ this method (plaster of paris)to dispose as well.The idea of all of these methods is to make the medicine into a state that abusers cant find and use or children and animals cant get a hold of to make them sick (although kitty litter never seems to be a deterent to MY dog!!! He loves the litter box! YUCK! lol) There have been instances of abusers finding meds in trash (stuff that was thrown away in the medicine bottle intact) and using or selling on the street and of course the old way of flushing it down the toilet or sink is no longer acceptable because it contaminates out water supply. I think of all the meds I've flushed over the years while working long term care/assisted living and if EVERY long term care is doing the same(which they were) that is a LOT of meds pouring into the waste water systems and if it is not removed from the water (which it isnt) this could definitely over time cause problems. Hope this helps. There are national drug "take back" days being started. You just missed the last one on April 30th, I think it was. Watch the DEA website for the next. They have a link that will tell you the drop off locations in your area. Hope this helps some! free discount card

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