Currently on 95mg of methadone and 60mg of Cellexa through a program with the V.A. in Fort Worth Texas. Methadone since 25JUN2009, and started on Sertraline in JAN2010 & that's appx the time period when I started coming up pos for benzos. The doc that prescribes the methadone is the same doc that prescribes the Sertraline. Basically the doc told me nothing I take will show false pos for benzos, until a month ago when I had a routine appt and he proceeds to inform me that there has been some actual case studies & that's y he switched me to the Cellexa to give me the "benefit of a doubt" however, its been about a month since the switch and still no change. FYI, theyve done multiple gc/ms conf. to no help. always comes back "inconclusive"! If there is anything u can suggest it would be appreciated! Also, one more thing to add is tha!t im living in a v.a. trans. home for vets and one of the requ. for staying is clean u.a.'s so now theyre are threatning discharge, so if there is anything i mean anything, please advise. Just in case u would like to know here is the prescribing docs name and office #: Dr. John Marshall @ the V.A. Lamp Clinic in Ftw, Tx 817-336-0754. Again thank you!


Mongeon, Sean