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How soon will I start to see results from Topamax for my migraines?

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Anonymous 14 Oct 2010


I take topamax as well and for me it started working within a day or two.

But bare in mind that not all organisms react in the same way to the medications, we are all unique, and it may take a bit longer for you.

Take care

neison71 14 Oct 2010

Do you have 'sprinkles?' If so, they will work a lot faster. If you don't and need it to work a lot faster, you may want to call your Dr. to ask him to prescribe that form as well.
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keyvan 16 Oct 2010

it isnt the same in everybody,so you can wait for results during consumption period.

mejia 18 Oct 2010

I have been taking Topamax for some time and I must honestly say that it has not made a difference for me. I still suffer from migraines on a weekly basis. free discount card

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