I started taking adipex yesterday, 4/15/11. About 30 mins later I got a huge burst of energy. I ate small meals. By 3 I was hungry. Today I took the pill at 730. I worked out from 8-845. At 9 I ate a small tangerine and 1 cup of kashi berry bunch cereal. My stomach started growling at 10:30. I've read hundreds of reviews before I started taking adipex. One common review was that people had to force themselves to way because they had no desire to eat. That doesn't seem to ne the case for me. Am I not eating enough? Am I doing something wrong? Should I be rating within a certain timeframe after taking the pill? I feel like taking adipex is pointless if I'm still hungry a lot. Surely I couldn't have built tolerance to the pill after one day right? Any advice/answers would be GREATLY appreciated!