I've been on methadone for 2 months. I started at 30mg and went up to 75mg. At that mg I was real sluggish and almost passing out at my register at work. I met with the Dr and went down to 60mg that same day. On 60mg I started to feel sick. That didn't last long before I knew it I was back up and at 80mg. On the verge of losing my job I realized that yes I'm definitely over medicating. With the help of my fiancé who has been there for me since day 1 and has been very supportive of my choice to get treatment, I decided to start working my way off the treatment. Right now I'm at 65mg going down 5mg a week. I know that I am in control of my own treatmentcand that everyone is different, but I would like the advice and recommendations of others to consider. Am I rushing to get off methadone? And is their anything more I can get out of treatment by taking a slower route?