I've been addicted to Ultam for 15 years. I quit taking Ultram (Tramadol) 10 days ago with the help of Suboxone Sublinguil Film. My first thoughts... Suboxone (Sub) is a miricle drug. I had NO W/D symptoms when I started the Sub. I went to a Centerpoint mental health clinic in St Louis and started an intense Out-Patient program. They put me on 1 8/2 Suboxone film 2 X a day. The Dr told me last week he wanted me on the Sub for a year. That's not what I signed up for. I want off all meds. The whole deal is weird. They have me in a dual diognosis group 3 x a week. Don't get me wrong I'm as F-d up as they next guy but... I'm sitting next to a 19 yr/old dude whose having flash backs of failed suicide attempts. They practice the 12 step NA deal and it doesn't work for me, it's all about God and I'm agnostic. Well enouph of that and on to my question. I started only taking 1/2 a Sub film in the morning and the other 1/2 at night on day ten. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to taper the Sub dose? I would like to be CLEAN in 30 days. Thanks so much in advance. This "Non Oipod Ultram" has been a life changing pill and I would like to have my old self back, and so would my wife and kids.