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How soon did you stop needing pain pills after a hysterectomy?

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itsmetoo2 9 Aug 2009

For me it was about 1 1/2 weeks, after one week I began to taper off. But everyone has their own tolerance level. Everyone is different, your body size and weight has allot to do with it too. What are you taking?
Are you getting scared you are getting close to addiction? What pain pills did they give you?

kcdays 9 Aug 2009

No not at any risk of addiction. I'm taking oxycodone. It seems to be the only med that works. Just tired of taking them and combined with all the drugs received in the hospital. This is my 4th day after the surgery and I know its a little soon. I guess I am impatient!

itsmetoo2 10 Aug 2009

In the hospital they gave me Morphine Pump, I spent 3 days in the hospital. Doctor came in and aske me why I did not use it. Oh well. They sent me home with Tylenol 600. Yes, you
can even cut back to Tylenol or nothing, if you want.
As I said everyone is different, according to weight, size, plus one I forgot was complications during surgery as I had several.
Wishing you the best

itsmetoo2 10 Aug 2009

Plus doesn't the bottle say "As Needed"

kcdays 10 Aug 2009

Me too. But the morphine made me nauseous. My stay wa the same I'm sorry you had complications so far my healing had gone well thanks so much for your well wishes be blessed in your continued healing too.

kcdays 10 Aug 2009

No it says every 4 hours which is about right. I just had my surgery this week. I just wondered how long before I felt like myself again.

itsmetoo2 10 Aug 2009

Call your pharmacy. That surely sounds funny. Usually bottles for pain say as needed. Also call your doctor in the morning.

kcdays 10 Aug 2009

I will! Thanks!

mschweikle 10 Aug 2009

Is 30mgs a lot for 1 day?

kcdays 10 Aug 2009

My sister had the laproscopic hysterectomy and her doctor told her 30 was the limit for one day but she is very petite so you should ask your doctor to be sure.

bix 30 Jun 2010

just had full hyst. with one ovary left. Had morphine pump in hospital, didn't use after second day. At home given liquid percocet 5 to 10 mg prn every 4 hours prn. Can also be alternated with ibuprofen but not tylenol because there is tylenol in percocet. been home for 4 days only taking ibuprofen 600 mg prn for lower back pain due to uncomfortable hospital stay. Every one is different talk to your Doctor. My only issue right now is my bowel movements have not gone back to their very regular schedule. I too am impatient for recovery. free discount card

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