I started weaning, but Im weanin this one fast I normally do it in 7 days. I had just started on 300mg like 2 weeks ago. I cut that out, went back to my 200 dose for 2 days ( I usually do in 3) then 100mg tab for 2 days then skip a day and take 1 more. It will be Thurdsay then. Its a class D drug very dangerous for pregnancy, tomorrow Im gettin an early preganacy test HCG level done. I'm asking this cause the doctors office never called me back today after leaving a mean massage, I was horrified to find out this drug was a class D and she told me nothing about it. There is no sticker on my bottle about do not take if think or make become pregnant is it on anyone elses? Oh please answer tonite if you run into this question plz.

oh for other people out there I found out just 2 wks from the pharmacist.ago do not cut your 200's in half, it reduces the long term effect on the drug and works rapidly instead.