First, some background:

I am a professional wrestler. I hurt myself on purpose. Yes, it's predetermined but a lot of the pain and in ring goings-on are very real. Doing this for several hours a week, weight training, plus shows, adds up.

I also have a decent scoliosis, and fibro. Just started treating FM with Savella that seems to be working despite it hurting my pocketbook.

I take Vicoprofen occassionally for pain due to wrestling and the other health issues I have. My doctor keeps saying how he is going to essentially cut me off because he's basically enabling me to hurt myself continually, and that I should stop wrestling because in the future I'll be paying for it with other chronic pain issues. My response is that this is my dream and I need to chase it, at least to know that I can't be successful. If that's the case, I'll stop and that'll be that. But I can't not try and in ten years regret it thinking I could have been big.

My main problem is that he is treating me for other things (I get Adderall from him) so if I switch doctors that'd be ANOTHER doctor to visit, another copay, probably a specialist copay for pain management ($50) .. and I still feel somewhat attached to this doctor since he is the first I have seen for any length of time.

Time to see another doctor for my pain management issues?