I take niaspan & zetia, I also have to take synthyroid, potassium, and blood pressure medicine with fluid med, I have been on niaspan for approx 4 months and zetia 8 months, other meds on for years. I just had a complete blood work done last month. I have experienced some bad flushes, the first time was about 3 months ago. I woke up in the middle of the night stinging all over severely & my skin was on fire and I was red all over.( I looked like I had a very bad sunburn & felt that way). I couldn't stand nothing to touch me, I was dizzy & thought I was going out. I got into a cold shower and the water was very warm running off me. I told my Dr and he said let him know if it does it again. It happen again last night but this time when I got in the shower I was leaning on the wall and then I came too in the shower floor. took me a few minutes to realize what happen and be able to get up and go to bed. The next morning the back of my knee's hurt (very sore). I felt a little out of it also. Can anyone give in an insite on what happened. I have a dr appt friday.

help understand