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How often is seroquel used for migraines?

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Inactive 17 Sep 2010

I have never read or heard seroquel being prescribed for migraine treatment.

I take seroquel now for 5 years, and I am bipolar, seroquel (quetiapine fumarate) is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, not migraines, actually a side effect from this medication is headaches and it is a common side effect.-

For migraines and migraine prevention I take Topamax (topiramate), and it is a very good drug, also used for the treatment of epilepsy.- Ask your doctor about this medication.-

Take care.-

Psyched 18 Sep 2010

Never. It's an anti-psychotic medication. If you have migraines, you'd need to be prescribed something else.

Inactive 12 Feb 2012

Hello treejump. Interesting question. I thought awhile and it might help, the Seroquel has a sedative effect and some users take it in the evening or at bedtime because of that reason. So, the possibilty of being sedated,then one might have less stress, anxiety being less, might ease a migraine. Again, if the migraine is/was brought on by either stress or anxiety. Its just my own theory,and just that and nothing to back it up with. Seroquel as was said, is an antipsychotic and prescribed accordingly. Best of health and wishes to you,pledge

Nutmeghan15 13 Oct 2016

Seroquel is actually prescribed for migraines as an off-label use. The reason why is, migraines can be caused by variations in serotonin levels, which Seroquel helps stabilize. For that reason, discontinuing the medication abruptly will for sure GIVE YOU a migraine. You should ween off it as slowly as possible. That's why it's both an indication and a side effect, like antidepressants (can both help and worsen your depression).

ilafudi 24 Apr 2017

Hi, Im a bit late on this one, but I hope you will see my answer. :) I have both migraine headaches and bipolar disorder. I took Candesartan as migraine prevention and Lamotrigine for bipolar. Then I got Seroquel/quetiapine because I wont get out of this 2 year old depression.. So far I havent really gotten any better with the depression or sleep for that matter (Im still at a very low dose though) BUT I have had a single migraine attack in 2,5 weeks! Usually I have 2-4 a week. Also I had to stop taking Candesartan because it was damaging my kidneys, but I only had a few days with normal headaches because of withdrawal. So my hope is that this will keep working way better than all the other migraine preventions Ive tried.
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